Friday, August 25, 2006


So I get home from a run today only to walk in on the above image. My sweet beagle-dog, Red who, inadvertently, has a tapeworm which I am told, when it comes out will cure me from ever eating spaghetti again, decided he needed to EAT my book. Seriously people, what the f*&CFk?

Then there is my cat, Oliver...and we wonder why I get no work done. Unlike the folks at Apple who are recalling the battery in my new laptop, Oliver LOVES the heat put off by it and is completely unconcerned with the possibility that he and the rest of the household may die in a nasty electrical fire in the future. Life is never dull here on 4th street...I'll keep you posted on the latest activities of my book-eating-tapeworm-harboring beagle dog.


Anne-Davnes said...

I feel for you guys Mary! Book-eating beagles with tapeworm are no fun at all, as cute as they may already be.

As naughty as Bjorn is, I still am stupid crazy about him.


Yeah, I am crazy about my nutty mutts, too...don't know what I'd do without them, but I could do without all of the tomfoolery while I am not there to monitor their behavior.