Friday, August 25, 2006


Friday cannot come too quickly this week. Although we are closing in on the final days of this quarter and most of my projects are not even CLOSE to done, I am looking forward to some down time. This week, a 4 hour long conversation with a very significant person in my life helped to remind me of who I am...I hadn't forgotten, mind you...I just realized that I misplaced the most authentic part of me in the past year...only glimpsing myself momentarily from time to time. I am coming off of the "frozen Tundra" and it feels good to get back to me.

It is a gift to have people like that in your life...a gift I never want to take for granted...and, in the past year, I have. But everything in life has purpose. Everything we do brings us closer to becoming the person we are intended to become....we learn valuable lessons...painful lessons...and, hopefully, rise to the occassion of the struggle to become stronger, kinder and wiser.

As "cut-paper-poster" Sylvia says, "Enjoy the's the best part." So true but DAMN it's hard work.

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