Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mother F*(#$cker

My loving blogging pals, you are NOT going to believe this if I have NOT had enough of my belongings stolen from me or damaged, after I had a lovely dinner with Audrey and her friend...I returned to my vehicle only to discover that SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY CAR AND STOLE MY FUCKING LAPTOP. Yes, that's right. My laptop. I had brought it to work with me and thought it was NOT a good idea to bring it into the restaurant as I didn't want to have any food or beverages spilled on it or in my I placed it underneath my backseat...passenger's side COMPLETELY UNDERNEATH THE SEAT SO NO ONE COULD SEE IT THROUGH MY TINTED WINDOWS. Someone, apparently, "jimmied" the lock with a screwdriver and broke into my car. Great. Now I cannot even lock my car doors. So, all in all, it has been a GREAT week. If anyone wishes to send cash donations, positive thoughts or cases of liquor, I would be greatly appreciative. I guess I should be glad that I am safe and alive and could be worse and I always have to remember this. There is a lesson in all of TRUST my instincts, trust my feelings, trust my's a novel concept.


minus five said...

dude, that completely sucks! is this something that might be covered by your car insurance?

i know that if you buy from you can choose an option that will allow you 90 days before your first payment without accruing interest. that could buy you some time if you have to wait for the car insurance check to arrive.

don't get the macbook pro at this point. it won't work with cs2 and you'll waste your money. stick with the powerbook if you're going for another laptop.

i'm really sorry that happened to you. i can't imagine.

Tania Rochelle said...

Oh, Mary!

Had you backed up, or did you lose all your work?

I'm queasy just thinking about it.

Jason said...

Mary, that very much sucks. Just the other day Hank was suggesting to all the grads to get a portable external hard drive. man, oh man...

I do have a huge desktop PC that's a couple years old and without any Adobe programs if you need to borrow something. Or just spend your days working in the labs, those machines rule!

I wish you best of luck and hope you had some work backed up.

Anne-Davnes said...

One of the reasons why I got the little 20 incher. It fits in my purse and I never leave it in the car. I am so sorry about it being stolen. Fuckers!

If you need anything - let me know.


Not to worry, I am going to hire a team of body guards and I may just start "packing heat" as they say on the street...4 times a victim of crime has just about sent me over the edge.